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Naga Hlainggu Hillock

On this Naga Hlainggu Hillock are ancient pagodas and stupas and Buddha statues which were contemporaneous with Bagan Period. During 1938-39 miraculous sacred rays were seen radiating about the Hillock. Thus excavations were made here abouts and many ancient votive tablets with Buddha images in relief were found. So these religious objects were re-enshrined inside a new pagoda named Aung Chantha Pagoda which was constructed under the management of the Most Venerable Aboh Kalaywa Sayadaw.

So ancient Pagodas and stupas are found to have originated in these grounds which are still graced with Naga Hlainggu Aung Chantha Pagoda plus 28 ancient Buddha Statues.

This holy learning centre covers 17.016 acres of land on the second highest hillock in Yangon. Any visitor on arrival here is delighted with the green and verdant trees and plants growing all over the area. Instructor or student bhikkhus, samaneras, and nuns altogether numbering more than one thousand are conducting purit of Buddhist Scriptures as well as modern academic studies with happiness.

Desirous that worthy bhikkhus, samaneras, and nuns shall obtain fitting lodging while they pursue secular and religious studies here, this learning centre is being run under the management of Joint Secretary of the State Samgha Maha Nayaka Committe and Ovadacariya of the International Theravada Buddhist Missionary University, Vice Chairman of Administrative Body (Central) of the State Pariyatti Sasana Universities and presiding Monk of Naga Hlainggu Kalaywa Tawya Scriptural Learning Centre BHADDANTA JAGARABHIVAMSA (Aggamahapandita; Dvipitakadhara, Dvipitakakovida) so that the following fiveessential requirements could be fulfilled, viz.

The Ven. jAgrabhiyamsa and the Samgha of Kalaywa Tawya Sarthintaik
Monastic Education Centre in assembly.


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   Naga Hlainggu Hillock
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